About Us

Our focus as a company and as parents is to help children learn to read so they can reach their full potential. We do this with a system that is uncomplicated and straight to the point.

President: Steven Gregoire

I became a huge fan of the program when I brought my little niece who was in 3rd grade to Sonya. My niece was in jeopardy of being held back because she could not read. So Sonya had her use a prototype of the Skip and Daisy program for 3 months. Well, needless to say my niece is now a great reader and passed 3rd grade. I became a huge fan of the program and wanted to help bring this fantastic program to the marketplace. After working on the program for over 3 years we have a product that we are very proud of!  I am even the voice on the program!

Vice President and program creator: Sonya Nelson

Here she is working with one of her students.
Read how she created the program