The Story Behind The Program

One day, my daughter Britnee had evolved from being an advanced reader to becoming totally illiterate, and it is for this reason why I created the Skip and Daisy Reading Program.

My name is Sonya Nelson, and this is my story:

“Britnee, my daughter, had shown very promising signs of being an early reader when she had entered kindergarten, and when the teacher decided to focus on the sounds of the alphabet, my daughter had no problem learning them, which is the reason why she had received many awards for being one of the top readers for her age.

When my daughter finally reached first grade, her teacher used another method that was known as whole language. In this method, the entire class would have to listen and follow along in their own books as the teacher would read the entire story from beginning to end. Once the teacher had completed reading the book, it was expected that every child was able to repeat the entire story just as the teacher had read it without any mistakes. Only then would a child be able to advance to the next level.

My daughter had no problems in reaching one of the highest levels of the group. However, the one thing that I did notice was that when she was reading an unfamiliar book at home, Britnee found it very difficult to understand what the book was about. Because of this, I decided to approach her teacher about this problem, and every time we spoke, the teacher would simply tell me that this was normal and that things would iron themselves out in the end.

When Britnee made it to second grade, she continued to be one of the top readers in her class, but she also started to show signs of stalling. In spite of all of this, her teachers were still adamant that there was nothing wrong with the system and that soon enough she would find her own way. I was beginning to lose complete trust and faith in their system.

I soon began to panic once I realized that after taking any word from the book she was reading, writing it on a piece of paper, and then realizing that my daughter had no idea what the word meant when I asked her its meaning. The only thing that she was able to do was read it perfectly when it was in context with the story.

My next step was to the teachers how to go about teaching my own child at home in order to help her become a better reader. None of these teachers were able to give me any constructive advice or help. Frustrated, I decided to purchase other programs but to my utter horror, I found that these programs consisted mainly of flashcards which did nothing more than bore my child. I tried to give it another chance by doing a few sessions with each of these programs, but no matter what I did, she continued to lose interest.

Once my daughter had completed second grade, she had reached the 12 percentile of the California Standardized Reading Test.

Then a few weeks into third grade, her teacher called me by phone and asked me to come in for a conference. What I learned at the conference was shocking. Apparently, my daughter, who in previous grades was considered a top reader, was now considered to be totally illiterate. I knew I had to find an answer, and I had to find that answer soon.

In order to help my daughter with this problem, I decided to spend a lot of hours researching and reading every book that I could find. During this time, I found out that by using something known as systematic phonics, I was able to effectively help my child to become a brilliant reader. In fact, all of this led me to becoming a certified reading teacher, which I was able to achieve from a school in Florida that is known as Read America.

With all the knowledge that I had gained, I was able to teach Britnee how to read fluently within four months. I realized what a breakthrough I had made, and decided that other children would also benefit from this, which is the reason why I decided to stop running my retail business and instead focus all of my time on teaching other children to read.

There is something that I realized very quickly when teaching many of these children, and that was that if done correctly, teaching a person to read is actually very easy. This is the reason why I decided to develop the Learn to Read with Skip and Daisy Reading Program, and I can guarantee you that this program will be able to teach your child to read with the same fluency as mine.