Learn To Read With Skip and Daisy DVD’s

The program is comprised of 3 different levels that will take your child from beginning to proficient reader in 3 to 6 months. All you need is a DVD player or computer and 10-15 minutes per day of your child’s attention.

Learn To Read With Skip and Daisy

Helps to build your child’s confidence in their ability to read because each lesson builds on the previous lessons by introducing a new sound to be learned while reviewing all previous sounds as well. Sight words (high frequency words that cannot be pronounced phonetically) are taught in the context of sentences using repetition, therefore there are no long lists to memorize.


Level One is composed of 20 lessons
Level One targets the short vowel sounds a,e,i,o,u, then teaches the child how to blend the vowel sounds with the consonants to form words.

The next step will be to read those words in sentences and then finally reading whole stories by themselves, with no assistance from the parent.

The sight words covered in Level One are: The, said, was, he, with, her, are, you, go, for, of, no, by, want, do, be, my, who, love

Level 1 Sample Lesson


Level Two is composed of 24 Lessons
Two th, sh, ch, a-e, e-e, i-e, o-e, u-e,

Sight words: they, so, go, no, have, put, done

ce=cent, all, y=I, y=ee, ind, old, ai=rain, ea=eat, ee=feet

Sight words: one, some, done, put, have, they, could, once, would, buy, any, who, way, now, day, dirt, water

ea=bread, ea=break, oa=boat, ie=tie, ie=chief, er=her, ur=turn, ir=bird, ge=j, gi=j, gy=j, ay=may, ar=car, Sight words: their, been, friend, full

Level 2 Sample Lesson


Level Three is composed of 24 Lessons
or=corn, ow=cow, ou=out, ow=snow, oy=boy, oi=oil, aw=saw, au=Paul

Sight words: work, eyes, open, learn, school, warm, new, good, over

oo=zoo, oo=book, ph=phone, ew=new, ue=blue, kn=knew, igh=light Sight words: through, early, clothes, sew,

tion=vacation, cian=musician, sion=vision, tian=Martian, Ch=Christmas, ch=Chicago, eigh=eight, ous=fabulous, wr=write, hour, mb=thumb, bt=doubt, gn=sign, alf=calf, alk=walk Sight word: iron

Level 3 Sample Lesson


A homeschooling moms review of the program