Apply For a Wholesale Account

Thank you for your interest in offering your customers the Skip and Daisy line of educational products.

Apply using the link below. Once approved you will be able to purchase our educational tools and products and stock them in your store or we can drop ship them to your customers.

About Our Wholesale Program:

  • We do not have a minimum order.
  • $6 shipping to your store or customer.
  • We drop ship to your customers.
  • We can list your store or website in our online store locator service on our website (please mention it in the application if you would like to be listed)


  • We want only stores and retailers who have high customer service. This goes hand in hand with the type of service we offer our customers.
  • You must have a federal tax ID number.
  • Online retailers must agree to the minimum online advertising price policy

Online advertising price policy: We have a minimum online advertising price for all products. Online retailers can offer incentives or free shipping with our products but we ask you do not sell below the requested online minimum price (which will be listed next to each product in the wholesale website catalog). We do this to protect the brands image of offering high quality educational products. We do not want our brands retailers to be involved in a price war and start discounting the price and thus discounting their service to their customers. As we all know when we have to discount the price we have to cut costs and that usually means less customer service in the end. We treat our customers like gold and we want retailers who do the same. Any online stores selling below the minimum price will have their Skip and Daisy wholesale account closed and will not be able to reorder.

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